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Light repair or light fitting repair is common whether you are using fluorescent lights or LED lights. The lights cannot last forever. For the simple task of changing the light bulb or tube, most of us should be able to buy the replacement bulb or tube and change. However, if the light bulb does not work after replacement, you may need help troubleshooting the problem.

Sometimes you have a downlight and a ceiling spotlight which is held by the false ceiling. As such, changing the bulb of the downlight and ceiling spotlight may not be so straight forward and you may need help.

Our Electrician to Troubleshoot and Repair Faulty Lights

Our electricians are experienced and well-trained for any replacement and repair of lights and light fittings. We offer you an efficient light repair service at affordable rates. We do not believe in hidden costs and will be transparent with our pricing for repair. Most importantly, almost all our repairs are completed within the same visit or day.

We also provide repair service for malfunctioning lamps. You can either bring it to us or get our guys to pick it up. Once we fix the lamp, we shall redeliver it to you. Whether it is vintage lamps or special lamps, we make sure that it is returned to you in workable condition. Most importantly, our charges are very reasonable for light repair service.

Below are some tips for you if you wish to repair your home light fittings yourself instead of engaging us.

Two Common Replacements to Get Your Lights Working Again

If your light bulb or tube did not light up after you have changed it, it may be the bulb or tube holder’s fault. You may wish to test if the bulb holder is malfunctioning or not conducting electricity to the bulb or tube. Changing the bulb or tube holder requires the disconnection and connection of wiring and the main circuit must be switched off for safety reasons. We would advise that you take a photograph of the original holder with the wires connected before changing it. The photograph would serve as a reference when you replace the original holder with a new holder and connect the wires.

Another possible cause of the light bulb not lighted up is a malfunctioning ballast. In the lighting system, the ballast regulates the current to the bulbs. It provides sufficient voltage to start the bulbs and limits its current so that the bulb produces a steady light and does not overheat and blow out. Changing the ballast also requires the connection and disconnection of wires. Similar to changing the bulb or tube holder, taking a photograph as a reference will be helpful. When you deal with wire, always switch off the main circuit.

You may wish to know that the earlier version of LED light may need a separate ballast but the latest LED lights do not require a separate ballast. As such, it may be advisable to change your lighting to such LED lights for greater convenience. For a reliable electrician to provide electrical services, please call us at or Contact Us directly.

Light Repair Singapore Provides Quality Electrician

We provide competitive prices for light repair and light fitting replacement. Let us know your electrical issue now and we shall send our qualified electrician to resolve it.