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Electrician Singapore Provides Reliable Electrical Services

Electrician provides electrical services and handle residential, construction, shopfitting, commercial and industrial electrical work, depending on their training and experience. Electrician is highly demanded in Singapore due to the constantly growing construction industry. From installing town or city infrastructure, to common electrical work in new and existing homes, commercial or industrial buildings, electricians and electrical professionals are essential to ensure the electrical wiring and installation is properly performed.

We know that electrician performs electrical work (i.e. work which is related to electricity) and wires buildings to enable us to switch on lights and use appliances. Besides this, do you know that there are different types of electricians?

  • Residential wiremen install and maintain electrical work (wires, fittings) that enter residential properties.
  • Inside wiremen install and service electrical components in larger structures, such as commercial properties, schools, offices, airports and such.
  • Telecommunications electricians lay the infrastructure required to enable telecommunications – including local area network (LAN) wiring and phone wiring.
  • Outside linemen set up cables that run from the power plants to homes and other buildings.

Being an electrician is by no means a simple job. It requires professional training and high level of responsibility.

Here are just some of the specific tasks an electrician should learn to perform with excellence:

  • All electricians must know how to read blueprints of buildings in order to know where electrical components are places.
  • All electricians must know how to plan the layout and installation of wiring.
  • All electricians must be skilled at installing, replacing and maintaining wires, fuses and circuit breakers.
  • All electricians should be skilled at tracing energy flow to transformers and circuit breakers, and finding and replacing aged or faulty wiring that might pose safety hazards.
  • Inside wiremen must know how to install electrical machines in factories.
  • Telecommunications electricians are trained to install fiber optic cabling in commercial structures, as well as installing computers, phones, security alarms, fire alarms and intercoms.

Furthermore, a master electrician must be able to review other electricians’ work, ensuring that it meets Singapore electrical code; they must manage the time and labour of their crews, and teach and appraise electrician apprentices.

Range of Electrical Services Provided by Electrician Singapore

Electrical work is a specialist field which requires professional qualifications to ensure safety. Call an electrician if you need any of the following electrical services:

  • media room or home entertainment wiring
  • upgrading your electrical system
  • any other electrical work

You might think that you would save money by doing the electrical work yourself, rather than hiring an electrician. That’s the main mistake many homeowners make.

Most expensive electrical work callouts are the result of botched DIY electrical work.

That’s one of the reasons why even experienced building contractors prefer to call qualified electricians to complete electrical work.

Light Repair & Replacement

Our qualified electrician will be glad to install, repair and replace your lights, including your light fittings. Find out more about our light installation, repair and replacement services.

LED Light Installation & Repair

Installing LED Lights to save electricity is getting more common. Save the Earth and save money by getting us to replace your existing lights with LED.

Water Heater Installation and Repair

Water heater repair and installation must be performed with care because water and electricity must not come into contact and extreme care must be observed for safety reason.

Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair

Electrician to safely and securely install your ceiling fan. Face any malfunctioning remote control or fan speed issue, we can help to resolve quickly and effectively.

Electrical Wiring & Rewiring

Wiring and rewiring of house is a major task. Not only the electrician must be certified, it should also be experienced to ensure the the wiring is done properly and safely. It is not worth taking the risk as you will be staying in your new house for long term and the safety of family members mean more to you than anything else.

Common Cost of Electrical Work

Most electrical repair and work should cost you about SGD60 to SGD150 per repair or installation. Find out more about our competitive pricing for electrical services.

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