Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair in Singapore | Fix or Mount Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fan is installed in many homes due to Singapore’s hot and humid climate. Ceiling fan installation service is one of the most frequently requested electrical services because it is difficult for a non-electrician to fix the ceiling fan himself or herself.

Besides the safety aspect, you should also choose the fan that best suits your home. Choosing the right type of ceiling fan helps to save energy and improve the ambience at home.

Size of Your Ceiling Fan

Before you purchase the ceiling fan, you should first measure the room in which you want to install the ceiling fan. The diameter of the ceiling fan depends on the size of your room. The bigger the room, the wider the diameter should be.

The ceiling fan should be approximately eight to nine feet above the floor to be effective. As such, if you have high ceiling, you may need to lower the ceiling fan by using a down-rod.

In addition to the height of the ceiling fan, you should consider the pull chain that is long enough to be reached from the ground if you are not using a remote control,

You should take note that an outdoor fan can be installed indoor, but an indoor fan must NOT be installed outdoor because it is not designed to handle the harsh outdoor elements.

Opt for a ceiling fan with an ENERGY STAR rating to reduce energy costs. If you purchase a fan with a lighting kit, opt for LED lights as it has a significantly longer lifespan than incandescent and CFL light boxes.

Simple Guide to Installing Ceiling Fan Yourself

If you’re simply replacing an old fan, you can easily remove it and install the new fan using the same old wiring and securing it at the same old place. Always switch off the electrical supply by the mains before working on electrical components, and wear rubber electrical gloves to prevent accidental electrocution. Ask a friend to assist you in passing tools and parts while you are on the ladder.

If you’re installing a new ceiling fan or wall fan, you should call an electrician because of 2 safety reasons:

  • safety concerning the new wiring to prevent electrocution and fire hazards; and
  • safety on securing the ceiling fan to prevent the fan from dropping down and hurting someone.

Repairing Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fan should typically last you 2 to 3 years before it gives you problem. By then, there should not be any more warranty. The service charge and transport cost for repairing an existing fan can easily exceed SGD100 and as such, you may wish to consider if it is worthwhile to repair it or buy a new fan. Installing a new fan may be a smarter move as it comes with warranty period. Moreover, new fan is usually more powerful and more energy efficient due to new technology. Why spend so much money repairing the old fan when you can get a new fan by paying just a little more?

Engaging an Experienced Electrician for Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair

When it comes to installing new ceiling fan, experience counts. It means knowing where exactly to fix the fan and getting it fixed quickly and safely. We have trained, experienced and licensed electrician to provide ceiling fan installation service. Call us now at to get a fee quote for our installation service. It should cost you between SGD100 to SGD150 to get one ceiling fan installed. You may also send us an email to get an official fee quote.