Understanding Electrical Wire Colour Code in Singapore

Separate Color is assigned to Live, Neutral and Earth Wire to differentiate them clearly for safety reason.

"Having basic electrical knowledge will allow you to perform simple repair like changing the plug of an electrical appliance."

The 3 types of electrical wires - Brown, Blue and Green with Yellow - serve different purposes. The Brown wire is the Live wire which carries the electricity from the source to the electrical appliances. The Blue wire is the Neutral wire which carries the electricity back to the source. Mixing up Neutral and Live wire can lead to serious consequences. The Green with Yellow wire which is the Earth wire provide a path back to the source when there is an electrical fault to prevent the possibility of electrocuting a person.

In the past, Red wire represents the Live wire, Black wire represents the Neutral wire and the Green wire represents the Earth wire. There are still some electrical wiring running on the old wires or cables. As such, it is important for you to know the color code just in case you are changing the plug or performing simple electrical tasks which involves the old wires.

Electrical Copper Wire with Different Thickness

Changing plugs of electrical appliances is quite straight forward. However, when performing other electrical tasks like creating another 3-pin socket or creating switches you have to take extra care. Rightfully you should engage a qualified electrician to perform such electrical tasks because the wire used may be different and additional switches and sockets may affect the overall electrical load.

Different types and sizes of wire are designed for different purposes and knowing the right type of wire to use is important to ensure that the place is safely wired.

Not sure of electrical wiring?

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