Switching from Conventional Light to LED Light

Cost savings from electricity consumption is the main motivation for switching to LED lights.

"Your investment now on LED lights will reap huge savings from electricity consumption in the long run"

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting has been around for a while, but many of us are still skeptical or confused about this new technology that offers so many advantages over incandescent and CFL lights. Apart from the fact that LED lights are more energy efficient than older types of lighting, it also:

  • is much safer
  • provides equally strong light
  • emits much less heat
  • saves energy
  • lasts much longer
  • provides a direct light source.

What's more is that since LEDs use semiconductor circuit chips instead of gas or filaments to create light, they last for many years.

It's no wonder residential, commercial and industrial property owners are making the switch. If you want to convert your home to an energy efficient haven illuminated by light-emitting diodes, you can use a retrofit kit that will make it much easier to convert the old recessed cans that were meant for CFL or incandescent lights, to use LEDs. Alternatively, you can engage a certified electrician to re-install all your lights to LED lights.

How to Switch to LED

When you're ready to switch to LED, you first need to familiarise yourself with the components and correctly calculate your LED supplies. But first, learn some of the importance differences that makes choosing LED lamps more complex than replacing an incandescent lamp.

LEDs are measured in lumens, rather than watts

When you're choosing a bulb based on brightness, you're probably used to looking at the watts. However, watts is not really an indication of wattage, but rather the amount of energy drawn.

Choose the Right Color LED

LEDs are available in bright white, soft white and warm white. If you want a light colour that's similar to incandescent light, choose a LED bulb between 2,700L and 3,500K.

LEDs Cost More Upfront

The upfront cost of LEDs is more than CFL and incandescent lights, but since they last so much longer and save energy, you will still end up saving money in the long term.

switching to LED lights

LEDs Don't Always Work With Dimmers

Since LEDs have a different circuitry, they may not be compatible with traditional dimmer switches and may buzz, flicker and hum when they are installed with a dimmer.

LEDs Are Not Compatible With All Light Fixtures

LED bulbs should not be placed in an enclosed housing, as it will send the heat that is generated right back to the bulb, causing it to fail much sooner than it should. Choose the right LEDs to install in enclosed or recessed spaces.

Ideally, you should hire a professional electrician to help you convert from incandescent or CFL lighting to LED lighting.

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