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Quality Electrical Work at Affordable Price. Our definition of cheap electrical service means value-for-money electrical repair, installation and wiring work.

"It is the value you derived from the electrical service that determines whether it is cheap or expensive and not the price alone."

Cheap Electrician Singapore Provides Affordable Electrical Services

Cheap Electrician or Expensive Electrician? When it comes to the price of electrical services, we usually demand for the lowest price with reasonably good quality electrical work. Hiring a good electrician without spending too much is important because most of us belong to the middle income household and every dollar of savings counts.

Whether you need to install an additional switch or socket, we will be able to quote you an affordable price for the electrical services. We are transparent with our pricing with no hidden cost. We welcome you to compare our price with the price quoted by other electricians. Our price is either lower or close to the price they quoted. What we promise is quality electrical work with reasonably low price.

Cheap Electrician Singapore

Our Affordable Electrical Service Fee versus Other Electrical Service Fee

No. Description of Service Our Price for 1st Installation Our Price for 2nd and Subsequent Installation
1 Replace Light Bulb SGD40 to SGD55 SGD40 to SGD55 Per Replacement
2 Replace Light Fittings SGD40 to SGD55 SGD40 to SGD55 Per Replacement
3 Replace Light On-Off Switch SGD50 to SGD55 SGD50 to SGD55 Per Replacement
4 Install Lighting Point SGD50 to SGD60 SGD30 to SGD40 Per Installation
5 Install Down Light SGD50 to SGD55 SGD50 to SGD55 Per Installation
6 Install Chandelier SGD105 to SGD125 SGD100 Per Installation
7 Replace Electric 3-Pin Socket SGD50 to SGD60 SGD50 to SGD60 Per Replacement
8 Install Another 3-Pin Socket Next to Current Socket SGD60 to SGD70 SGD60 to SGD70 Per Installation
9 Install 15A Power Point for Aircon & Heater SGD130 to SGD140 SGD130 to SGD140 Per Installation
10 Install Ceiling Fan SGD140 to SGD160 SGD120 to SGD130 Per Installation
11 Install & Wiring of Open Net, Data & LAN Port SGD110 to SGD120 SGD90 to SGD95 Per Installation
12 Install Electricity Water Tank Heater (10 Litre & below) SGD55 SGD55 Per Installation
13 Install Electricity Water Tank Heater (above 10 Litre) SGD110 SGD110 Per Installation
14 Replace 32A Distribution Box & Circuit Breaker SGD110 Not Applicable Per Replacement

Cheap Electrician Singapore is Here

With our above quoted prices, you know that our prices are very competitive. If you get a lower fee quote, you should really think twice because they may not be able to provide reasonably good electrical job (i.e. compromise on quality).

Cheap Electrician Singapore

Water Heater Replacement

Our Electrician will safely replace your water heater. Do not engage non-qualified electrician who puts your life at risk.

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Rewiring Your Apartment

Time to rewire your house if you have been staying there for 10 to 20 years. You can do it at the same time when you are renovating your place.

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LED Light Installation

Let us assign our LED light specialists to install your LED lights and start your journey to saving electricity consumption.

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Ceiling Fan Installation

Let our expert in ceiling fan installation help you with mounting the ceiling fan. You can trust our well-trained and qualified electricians.

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Electrical Services Made Easy

We have wide ranging specialist and generalist electricians to serve your electrical repair and installation needs, including trouble shooting any electrical issues.

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Time to engage us for affordable electrical services.

We are the cheapest electrician if you compare the quality and value of electrical work you get out of our service.

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