Electrical Rewiring in Singapore

Rewiring of your house should be performed by a certified and qualified electrician.

"Getting a certified electrician to rewire your house is necessary to ensure your safety"

Electrical rewiring can easily set you back by SGD900 to SGD2,000 for 3 room HDB flat to a condominium. The precise cost depends on the size of apartment, the ease of access to the old wiring, the number of electrical points (lighting points, power points, air conditioner point and water heater point).

Should You Rewire the House or Apartment?

We are in contact with electrical appliances every day and having a house with electrical hazard is definitely a concern to us. Should you rewire the resale house or apartment you just bought? It may be good to consult an electrician and get them to assess the need. As usual, many electricians would advise that you rewire for safety reason and to free themselves of potential liability if there is electrical accidents. The general guide for rewiring if your house or apartment is more than 10 years old and you notice the following signs:

  • Frequent tripping of main circuit or circuit breakers;
  • Many Blown fuses;
  • Burning smell from electrical outlet; and/or
  • Discolored electrical outlets and switches.

The above is just a general guide and not comprehensive or exhaustive. It is always a decision between taking the risk and saving the money or being safe and spending the money. If you decide not to rewire, you have to live with the risk that comes with it.

Electrical Wiring and Rewiring

Rewiring Service by Licensed Electrician

wiring and rewiring houseIt is important that such major task is performed by licensed, qualified and experienced electrician. You would not want to face a situation where the rewiring is not done properly and discover the electrical issue when you move into the new premises. To rectify the rewiring after you have moved into your premises will cause big headache. The price for rewiring, if reasonable, should proceed as long as the licensed electrician is reliable and experienced. Safety is more important than saving that couple of dollars for rewiring work. Our office is able to provide you with an affordable electrical rewiring quote, please call now at  or email us for more information.

electrical rewiring singapore

Besides rewiring of house and apartments, we also provide LED light installation,various light repair services and other electrical repair work.

Changing to LED Lights

Changing all your conventional lights to LED lights? You have found the LED installation specialists to change for you.

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Electrician at Work

Electrician working and trouble shooting electrical faults. This is our area of expertise. Be assured that we can resolve the electrical issue for you.

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Mounting the Ceiling Fan

Who do you look for when mounting or fixing a ceiling fan? Definitely an Electrician. Make sure the Electrician is experienced to ensure that the fan is installed properly and safely.

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Replacing and Installing Water Heater

Replacing and Installing Water Heater is dangerous when it is performed by untrained person. Let us know and our Electrician will do it for you without putting your life at risk.

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Electrical Wiring and Rewiring for Safety Reason.

Electrical Wiring and Rewiring for Safety Reason

Making Sure that the Correct Wires are Used.

Correct Electrical Wiring

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