Oven Repair in Singapore | Fixing Oven Breaks Down Quickly and Cheaply

Oven repair is a common request in Singapore, especially near the festive season like Christmas and New Year. It is the time when baking and cooking are intensified to prepare the necessary food for the celebration. Many families are excited to kick start their dormant oven to create goodies to enjoy. However, they may experience unwanted surprises when they switched on the oven which has not been used for some time.  That is, it fails to start and they have to call in an electrician to repair the oven. Even if the over is working fine, there is a tendency of overworking it during that period of time and the likelihood of it breaking down is also higher. There is a strong trend that oven repair request is high during November to January time when everyone is preparing for Christmas, New Year’s and Chinese New Year’s celebration. Whether it is getting the turkey, beef, or cookies ready, the use of an oven is inevitable and there is always a possibility of it breaking down and having to get it fixed.

Towards the end of the year will see an increase in oven breakdowns. This is due to the increase in the usage of ovens nearing the festive periods. Although it is not very common for families in Singapore to use the oven to cook, there are many who make use of the oven for baking cakes and cookies during the festive period. Some use it more commonly for the preparation of meals such as the baking of turkey or roasting of beef during large gatherings.

Stop and Call for Help When Main Circuit Board Tripped

Sometimes a malfunctioned electric oven may trip the main circuit board. If you experience this, you should stop using your oven immediately as it is an indication that the oven needs some attention from a qualified electrician to diagnose the cause of the tripping and perform the necessary oven repair work. If you have a built-in oven, it may cost you quite substantially to change. Moreover, the size of a new oven may not fit exactly into the space of the existing oven. As such, repairing the oven may be a better option.  If your oven is not built into the cabinet (i.e. it’s just bought off the shelf and you can shift it easily from one place to another) and is not a very high-end oven, it should not cost you too much to replace. In such a situation, we would recommend that you replace the existing oven with a new oven especially when the new oven comes with a warranty.

Reliable Oven Repair Specialist

We have well-trained, reliable and experienced electricians to troubleshoot your electric oven issue and rectify it quickly for you to get back to your baking. When you have less downtime, it means you have more time to prepare festive goodies for your family. Call us at to arrange an inspection of your electric oven and let us manage your oven repair need as soon as possible. You may also Contact Us via our request form.