Electricity Singapore | Suppliers and Consumers of Electricity

Electricity is a source of energy that power up our electrical appliances. It is the flow of charge resulting in the creation of energy.

Suppliers of Electricity in Singapore

For residential households, Singapore Power or SP Services is the Company supplying the electricity.

For commercial consumers, there are a number of Companies supplying electricity. PacificLight Power Pte Ltd, Senoko Power Ltd, Tuas Power Ltd and PowerSeraya Ltd are some of them. With the liberalisation of the energy and electricity supply market in 2022, we see more companies joining the existing ones in providing electricity to consumers.

Whether it is the liberalisation of the market or other electricity-related issues like electricity charges and supply, they are regulated by Energy Market Authority (EMA).

How Electricity is Derived in Singapore

Electricity is derived mainly from natural gas (95%) and the rest are made up of oil and waste.

Recently, the government is looking at ways to use sunlight as an alternative energy. They install solar panels to tap on natural sunlight and use it to power up devices. With the reduction in the cost of producing solar panels, the potential of harvesting sunlight to provide another source of energy for electrical appliances becomes more promising.

Tips on Saving Electricity

  1. If you are not using any electrical items, please switch it off at the power socket where the 3-pin plug is connected. Electrical items or appliances, on standby mode or connected to the socket which is switched on will consume some electricity.
  2. Reduce the use of thermal pot or kettle which constantly warm the water. The use of electricity for such usage can accumulate quite substantially over time.
  3. Set your aircon at comfortable temperature like 24 or 25 degree Celsius and not too low like 18 or 19 degree Celsius to reduce to consumption of electricity.
  4. Buy electrical appliances with energy efficient label (e.g. 4 to 5 ticks) so that it would minimize the use of electricity.

Electrician Handyman Singapore

Our electricians will be very eager to hear from you for any electrical issues you face. Whether it is installation or repair of electrical appliances or other items, just whatsapp us or drop us an email.