Cheap TV Repair in Singapore | Repair LED, LCD, Plasma & Projector TV

Television or TV repair, whether it is your LED, LCD, or Plasma TV, is quite common nowadays as they are not made to last.

Unlike the good old days when you had the Cathode Ray Tube TV which would last you for more than 10 years, our modern TV should usually last you for 3 to 6 years. However, some of us may face a situation where the TV breaks down just after the expiry of the warranty. Sometimes you really think if there is a timer set in the TV to shut it down after a number of years. When the TV breaks down after one or two years, your thought is likely to be: “What a waste to change a new TV, this TV is just 2 years old. Will I be able to repair it cheaply?”.

Cost of Television Repair by Trained Electrician and Technician

Typically the transport cost of an electrician will be between SGD20 to SGD40 to visit your house. The labour charges and changing of parts should set you back by at least SGD100 to SGD300. As such, please be prepared to pay between SGD150 to SGD400 for a normal TV repair. If your TV is more than 4 years old, it may not be so worthwhile to repair it because you are only changing the affected parts of the TV while some of the other non-affected parts may also be malfunctioning soon. By repairing and changing the affected parts today, the TV may give you other problems in a few months’ time when other electrical and electronic components break down.

Repairing Existing TV or Buying New TV

TV should not cost you too much nowadays. It may cost you just a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the type or brand and size of the TV.

If your existing TV is less than SGD1,200, I would suggest that you buy a new TV because the repair would easily cost you 20% to 30% of the cost. You should be better off buying a new TV with a warranty and peace of mind for the next one to 2 years.

If your existing TV costs more than SGD2,000 and it is less than 3 years old, you may consider repairing it to extend its life span by another 2 or more years. It is likely that the rest of the components are still functioning pretty well and the probability of breaking down shortly may not be high.

For an existing TV which is more than 4 years old, I will not recommend a repair.

TV that is not mentioned in the above paragraphs (i.e. TV between SGD1,200 and SGD2,000 and lasted for less than 3 years), you have to make a decision whether to repair or not. I would normally recommend the purchase of new TV because you get to enjoy the warranty and better technology which come with the new TV.

Cheap and Affordable TV Repair (including Projector, CD Player and Hi-Fi)

We have qualified TV repair specialists and Audio & Video electricians to repair your LED/LCD/Plasma TV, Projector, CD Player and Hi-Fi. As such, just give us a ring or drop us an email to get your TV, Audio and Video equipment repaired as soon as possible.